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What is Microsuction?

The term Microsuction is used to describe a procedure carried out by competent practitioners to remove wax, dead skin, foreign objects and even infection, from your ears. A microscope is used to look into your ears and a very small suction tube to ‘vacuum’ out the debris.

Who can have Microsuction?

Anyone can have microsuction – there is no upper or lower age limit, as long as you are able to remain still throughout the procedure. Microsuction is used for patients who cannot safely or easily have the debris removed from their ears by irrigation (syringing) or manually removed using instruments.

There are lots of reasons why your healthcare professional may decide that microsuction is the best course of treatment, here are just a few:

  • If you have had problems with irrigation in the past

  • If there is evidence of a middle ear infection in the last six weeks

  • If you have undergone any form of ear surgery (apart from grommets that have fallen out or have been removed at least 18 months ago)

  • If you have had a perforation or there is a history of a mucous discharge in the last year

  • If there is an ear canal infection which is painful or tender

  • If you have tinnitus. Very occasionally some people may find that having their ears irrigated aggravates their tinnitus

  • If you have healed perforation the nurse may decide that microsuction would be a better way to remove the debris

  • If you have problematic dizziness, microsuction may be less invasive

Microsuction for ears
Microsuction for ears
Microsuction for ears

What will it feel like?

It may be noisy and you may feel some strange sensations, there may be slight discomfort but if it is painful the procedure will be stopped immediately. At the Clean Ear Company we perform microsuction on hundreds of patients each year and many feel the benefits instantly. If you have any concerns or worries, just speak to the practitioner who will be happy to allay your fears.

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